"Cloudy with a chance of Fire"

Sunday, the family went to the movies because we couldnt think of any other way to spend over $50 in two hours. We went to watch the 3-D feature "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs".
20 minutes into the movie, the fire alarms went off in the movie theater. Everyone had to evacuate and leave the theaters. We got our money back and all that stuff, so that's all cool. A pretty interesting experience. Turns out the popcorn machine caught on fire or something like that.

$31.25 for a family of three to see a Matinee movie!! Plus $20 for a bag of popcorn, 2 musubi's, and 2 drinks... geeesh.
here's some smoke coming out of the lobby doors.

too bad "backdraft" wasnt playing, so I could make Irony jokes.
3 fire engines showed up... Mililani town, Mauka, and waipahu engines.
Jeremy, where you at??

Video footage...