Pipeline contest. Boogie down

I dunno a long ago. Lofa asked me to come along and check out his friend Mark Klein in the bodyboarding contest at Pipeline. Sounds like fun. The waves were pretty good, Mark killed it, but didnt make it to the finals. I took a few pictures.


The waves were pretty good I guess. I dont know, I wouldnt of surfed it (because I'm scared).. but some guys were getting some nice little pits... and by 'little pits', I mean too big of a pit for me.

Me and Lofa hit up the Lunch wagon... "place your ad here" it said.

you are now my customer dude.


Roys. restaurant, I love you.

Is it rude to suggest menu items to people, then quickly eat all the food off of there plate when they excuse themselves to the bathroom? I dunno.
We went to 'Roy's' in Hawaii Kai the other night, it was a celebration dinner. Celebrating the fact that Erin is moving away to Germany... wooohoooo!! (just kidding, but she's actually moving) Anyway, me, sam, angel, and erin had a "ladies night" out on the town. We had a fancy dinner, then met up with Cameron and the crew at Apt.3.
When the food is this good, it's not crazy to take pictures of it.
I ordered the Surfboard Trio... Erin had the same thing. LOVED it.
now it's inside my stomach.
sam had steak.
Angel had the blackened Ahi... nom nom nom
mopped up the appetizer sampler.
Dessert... I tried the Apple/Banana Lumpia with Ice cream... I french kissed it, then ate it.


Engagement session. Dennis + Gina

"I heard a lot of bums hang out there..."- Dennis.
"Nah, don't worry about it, I can crop 'em out".-Me.

I shot an engagement session this past sunday with a great couple from 'The O.C.', Dennis and Gina. Magic Island turned out to be a great spot, the weather cleared up just in time, and we caught a great cloudy sunset. FUN

I asked, "what kind of stuff do you guys do up in Cali?..", they said "we love to dance!". Que Picture set-up

hang loose

Gavin & TT. Love pictures.

I got a last minute email from some traveling love birds, Tootoo and Gavin. Gavin, from Australia, and Tootoo from China, got married in San Fransisco in December. They were in Hawaii for the first time on a delayed honeymoon, and they asked if I could shoot some pictures of them while they were staying at the Hilton. We put together a quick session before they had dinner in the hotel lobby, I fit as many locations as I could into a hundred yard radius and shot for an hour. It was super fun, and the couple was very excited to get some shots in while they were on there vacation.
TT + Gavin

they also wanted to get some shots with their parents, who were meeting for the very first time. :) A family who can appreciate a nice neck tie.


"Prevail". Music that's good. (I'm totally hip to the scene)

I've been meaning to check out my friend Janessa's band, "Prevail", for some time now. Well I finally got out of the house and did it. They were playing a small show in pearl city, I already forget the name of the place... it's above the Dixie Grill by aloha stadium. Oh wait, I think it was called "Who let this old guy in?!".. because I kept hearing people say that.

Anyway if you ever in the mood to listen to some killer punk rock, Paromore-ish (but harder and better) stuff, go find out when they are playing next and go see them. You won't be disappointed, actually you'll probably be blown away (as I was.) Some pics from the show....

this is the place.. oh, now I see the sign.. it was called '4Play'
Janessa plays guitar and is the lead singer... but don't get your hopes up boys, that's her husband backing it up on drums.

Jamey on rip sticks.

oi oi oi.

Chinese New Year. Bella dances with dragons.

Chinese New Year was a few days ago. Bella got to celebrate it in full 1st grader style, by having a 'lion dance' parade! All the first graders got together and paraded around the school shaking homemade noise makers (paper plates stapled together with beans inside), wearing paper hats, and doing the traditional lion dance.
Bella was privileged enough to be one of the kids inside the lion :) She was suppose to be the kid controlling the Lion's head, but her friend wanted to do it, so Bella settled for the tail.

Here's Bella's class, lining up for the parade.
Bella liked being the tail. I think she had a hard time seeing where she was going though. She kept peeking out the back.

not to be confused with the not so popular Ku Klux Lion...

Kids love a good parade.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!