The Jump Offs. Photos day 2. underwater

On Saturday, after I shot some fashion photos of Erica (see post below), I met up with "The Jump Offs" for some more photoshoot fun. I shot the Jump Offs a couple days prior in their music studio (see two posts below) but everything took place at night, and I didnt get all the shots I wanted to get with this awesome band. So we met up in the afternoon, jumped in a pool and took some pictures.

A huge thanks to Dave Miyamoto for letting me use his camera and underwater housing, since my camera died on me earlier that day. Dave, you really saved my weekend!
Also a big thanks to Angel for letting us use her pool, and to Sam and Chris for helping out behind the scenes.

"The Jump Offs"

my favorite thing about this picture, someone's sunglasses floating to the bottom of the pool on the bottom right.

NIRVANA !!!!! haha

Wet pants

Here's some video from the photoshoot. Thanks to Sam and Chris for taking some scenes. The more I watch the video, the more I appreciate how awesome all the band members of 'The Jump Offs' are. Thanks to those guys for putting up with the long shoot in cold wet clothes. Soundtrack- "After Party Conversations" by The Jump Offs. :) Love it.