Pool to the School

Wednesday, Isabella had a half day at school and since the surf was flat, we figured we'd go cool off in Erin's pool in Waipio. It was a great day for it, sunny, empty pool, warm water, etc. After the Pool, me and Sam got to go to Bella's school for her chili fundraiser dinner. We also got to go to the library to see some of the craft projects her class was working on.

all packed for the pool

i really took this picture blury on purpose. sometimes i like blury pictures, o.k.?!
Bella is learning to swim with Sam and Erin. Bella finally isnt scared to get all the way in the water.

Sam is trying to get her to jump in, she still has some stage fright.
Bella made a friend at the pool, this other 5 year old girl named Gracie was there. She was a better swimmer, so she showed Bella how to swim all the way to the deep end by themselves.
then we had some fun with water photography.

a rare picture of me on my own blog.

Then it was off to Bella's school cafeteria for dinner.

the lunch lady's servin' up some delicious grub, a chili and hot dog combo.
It was pretty fun to have a "school lunch" again. I really really really loved school lunch in high school, especially when it was only $0.45 (or free for me since I was poor.) Also, they dont use 'lunch tickets' at school anymore, instead Bella has like a nametag thing on her backpack with a barcode on it and they just scan the barcode and debit her school account. (then they let you know that the account is "negative" money and if you dont put money in the account, they are gonna feed your child a bread roll and water.)

anyway, the chili was delicious.

we got juice cans instead of milk, first class treatment!

Then it was off to the school Library where there was a craft fair put together by all the elementary students.

This is where we found Bella's stuff.
This is possibley the best crafted caterpiller I have ever seen in my life!!! Perfect shape, form, color, and scale. Ha, I am so proud of her clay caterpiller!
"My caterpillar is an insect because it has two antennae" - Isabella
Showing momma some other stuff she's been up to in class.
the Geometric Giraffe.

The craft fair was cool, it reminded me of the stuff I made in Elementary school... like this "Extreme! Machine!" created by some sixth graders.

the amount of foil and tape used to put together what seemed to be this rudimentary Marble slide, was intense!! kudos to the kids who made this.
Other "honorable mentions" from Bella's kindergarten class were;

this clay "Gorilla"
this "tiger"
this "penguin"
and this "bear"... too classic.
.. and I found a young "Angry Woebots" artist in the works.. haha