GroundUP agency Launch / photo exhibition

Friday was the official Launch party of the new "Ground UP" modeling agency. The event was held at the honolulu Design center from 8pm - 2am. During the night, there was live music/ bands, a fashion show featuring all the Ground Up models, a wine bar, live mural painting, and a photo exhibition from 4 different photographers (myself included.)

Here's my photos up on the wall (all the photos on the right side of the wall)

this is the first time ive shown my polaroid project in public.
some people checkin out my stuff. The polaroid project and the digital picture frame that i brought seemed to get most of the attention.
Live performance by "All- Natro"
check this band out from the north shore of Oahu! They are called the "haberdashery". They sound very similar to the band "Beirut" (they even played a Beirut cover.)

they rocked, i even bought one of there c.d's for $5

a good turnout of people

the crowd gathering through the night.. (honozooloo and hawaii red magazine down on the bottom of the picture)
more peeps checkin' the polaroids. that frame couldnt fit all the polaroids i had... plus the polaroids i took at the event that night.. ive got quite a few.
The live mural painting. (about 8 different artist ganged up on the wall)
my photos

its funny, when someone asks to borrow your camera so they can take a photo of you. The results are always something like this.

The runway fashion show starts.

Creepy guy in the background with a disposable camera. He also had a Magnum PI moustache hiding behind that camera. too funny.
other photographers doing work.

i see addison!

1 am, time to take the photos down.

Luckily I have a lovely lady to help me.

I had some supporters come down to check out my photos. Thanks to Sammy, Erin, Angel, Oli, Chad, Talon, Sherrie, Chris and Mallory.

Beer Goggles much?

have they finally found true love??....

...i think so

the completed Mural

thanks for all the support! Next step, im gonna make a website. Its kinda frustrating when 20 people ask you for a business card, and you dont have one.