Field Trip to Seal Life Park!

Friday me and Sam got to go on a Field trip with Isabella's kindergarten class. We were chapperone's for the class, with other parents. The field trip was to Sea Life Park, a place I havent been to since my elementary field trip. This was also Bella's first time going. It was super fun except for the fact that it was insanely hot! I didnt take too many pictures, since I was suppose to be watching the kids not looking through my viewfinder. =)

This was the 3rd field trip I have gone on with Bella's class (the kids love me, what can I say.) This was Sam's first time being a chapperone though.

Here's the bus.

Here's my group! I had Madison and Geraldine, two fun girls.
Sam had Isabella and Isadora in her group.
The bus is definetely not formatted to someone who is 6' tall. My legs were too long, and it was an uncomfortable ride all the way to sea life park.
I remember being in elementary school and riding the bus. I remember that I always had a hard time opening these bus windows!! Either I was really weak, or the spring in the lock was busted. Either way, as a kid i didnt like sitting by the window for that reason... as I didnt want anyone to ask me to put the window down so I would embarrass myself.
we went over the H-3 highway to get to the east side of the island. The H-3 is a great drive.

"Rabbit Island" means were almost there!

Here we are!

Me and Sam tried to keep our groups together so we could hang out. Other than that, it was a self-guided park day.

Time for the Dolphin show!!

the penguins of madagascar
My favorite site was the Sea turtle pool. Even though I see them all the time when I go surfing, its usually not this close-up.
Bella is right though.. it was stinky.
Sea life park is located on the beautiful side of the island, right next to makapu'u beach.

Then its time for lunch!! Me, Sam, and Bella had PB & J's that I packed myself... yum.

This was maybe the hardest photograph I have ever had to set-up, it's really hard to get a dozen kids together for a picture. I liked how they all wanted to put "bunny ears" on each other's head.
The sea lion show... this is where the hot sun and no wind tempurature started to kick in.
Evan got sick and threw-up, no joke! eeeek. (he was o.k. though)

It definetely was a fun day. The girls were pooped, it was a much different bus ride back to school.

FYI.. if you are thinking about going to sea life park, think twice. I noticed that general admission on a normal day is $29 per adult + $4 for parking. The park is pretty cool, but i dont know if its worth that much money. We saw everything the park had to offer within 2 hours.





"Everyone wave Bye Bye now!!"