Fun fotos on a friday night.

....So after the GroundUP agency launch on Friday night, we all went out for some photos!! So of course, since we were in town, we hit up our favorite spot. Me, Sam, Cree, Oli, and Chad fooled around with some stuff.
Luckily for us, when we got up to diamond head there was a bunch of crap up there already. Crap we could use for photo taking! It was a long night to say the least, after the launch party then taking pictures.. we didnt get home till after 3am! Fun, fun, fun.
here's the pics for the spot.

so yeah, there was a bunch of stuff up there already... broken t.v's, la-z-boy chairs, carpet, and even a wheel barrel.

U.H.F. (ultra hot frequency)

time to play: "good idea / bad idea"... having chad and oli climbing an old tree in the dark= bad idea, chad almost fell down and broke his ass.
not bad for using your shoe as a tripod.
yay.. what a great scene... can you find 5 faces in this picture?? (you might have to click to enlarge)

.. it always feels like somebody's watching me!! (maxwell)

also on a side note.. while we were up there taking pictures, my jeans ripped!!!! A huge rip down the back, making my favorite black jeans unusable, what a bummer. At least it didnt happen at the GroundUP launch party, ha.

more things to upload.. but im soooo lazy.