Charley's 7th B-day at Charles Cheese's.

Me and Bella went to the Chuck E Cheese in Pearl City to celebrate Charley's 7th birthday party.

Chuck E. Cheese is craaaazy! Especially on a friday night, on a 4 day weekend. There was 2 other birthday parties going on at the same time. It was cool anyway though to hang out with Oliver and have our kids play together.

The Birthday girl, I always use Charley as a reference to see how Bella is going to be in a year from now.
Yum, grub served by a dude in a mouse costume.
Izzy B likes it!
o.k., im in a room full of 1st graders, and i'm the only one who manages to spill Fruit Punch on themself?!

The best thing about Chuck E's is that all the rides are 1 coin.

I know who my daughter is... and proud of it.

singin' Happy Birfday
blowin out the candle..

Am I the only one who thinks this is Creepy?!
In random encounters, Madison (Bella's classmate) was there too celebrating her cousins birthday party. She's the one in this picture with the green frosting on her face.. . haha.
.. so they hung out on some coin rides.
also, Chuck E. Cheese needs to upgrade there equipment. Check the warp out on "these balls".
bye now