Analog Sunshine Recorders: Come Together.

Over the summer I was part of another group art show with the Analog Sunshine Recorders. You may remember the last couple of shows at The Manifest and 39Hotel. The new show entitled "Come Together" was held at Peace Cafe on S. King street.

Here is the info on "Come Together":
Come Together is a collaborative effort to discover the hidden in the obvious, as well as the obvious in the hidden; through the use of the most basic principals of camera operation, technique, and intent. It is through the over simplified, both in philosophy and methodology, that we are able to partially relinquish our control as photographers and let the resulting photograph inform our pursuit. These photographs are the end result of that pursuit and are unpredictable and magical. All photographs are double exposed to create an interesting and unhindered composition of images on the negative. We each shot using 35mm film then randomly swapped the roll with another photographer, finally shooting the exchanged roll of film juxtaposing new images over the unknown previous exposures. The photographs exhibited here are the evidence of images informed by chance, possibility and happy accidents.

An ASR meeting sort of goes like this, we all meet up at the photo lab at UH and have a beer and talk about chris's beard, then we take a roll of film and go home.
I used this plastic 'Blackbird Fly' camera to shoot my roll. I like this camera because it exposes the entire negative, including the sprocket holes which I like. Also, when loaded with film, the camera still only weighs as much as a pack of pop-tarts.
The art work is displayed in The Peace Cafe, located at 2239 S. King Street. The opening was back at the end of April, but the photos are still on display, so please get down there and check out the art and enjoy some food (try the vegetarian musubi).
photo recap credit: me and everyone else who put my camera around their neck;
The Artists
me and Chris joined at the hip
Mission statement, and display

Some of my favorite Photos

Da Kine bestest photo place

this picture is so funny. I still think they should shape beer bottles like penis's.

Lauryn Hill. Hard Rock Cafe

Lauryn Hill played a small show at Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki the night after her big show at Aloha Tower.
So you're telling me, you're gonna give me money, free food, and a free concert to take some pictures? Thanks Dave Miyamoto. I liked Lauryn Hill and The Fugees back in high school (because all the girls did, therefore I did). Seriously though, this was awesome. It was a real intimate show, not too crowded, she killed the hits, and it was fun. On another special note, my buddy Matt Bruening designed her outfit, well I don't know if 'designed' is the right word, he physically made, with his hands, the clothes that were on her back. How rad is that?!
Only complication was, I wasn't allowed to use a flash, only take pictures during the first 3 songs, and Ms. Lauryn Hill likes the lights turned down low, yeah like the song, but really because she apparently doesn't like to be too visible. So it was high ISO, wide open glass, and a steady hand. Fun

I have a black belt.

I do have a black belt... it's Michael Kors. I got it from Ross and it holds up my pants.

A few months ago, I hung out with my friend and photographer extraordinaire Kris Labang. He does the, excuse my ignorance, karate dance.. no I dunno, Kung Fu?. Well, he kicked his legs around and showed me his sword, and I was like 'neato', let's play around with some off camera flash, and that's how that rainy night went.

M+M. (Miles & Mai Wedding)

I love Miles and Mai. They are the kind of folks you get to be friends with at the wedding and stay friends with forever. They got married at Halekulani, which is awesome, because I love the buffet, but besides that, it really was a perfect wedding. A touch of tears, tons of laughter, and a dance floor that got cut up, not to mention at least one shirt got taken off (one step closer to my goal of photographing an all topless wedding haha.)

I also had the help from photographer,Cassy Song ,between capturing images, we made sure to high-five each other really loud during the ceremony vows J/K.
Do check out the Video Kai Media put together for them to show at the wedding reception. It is awesome on another level..and you really can see how fun M+M are :)
Side note, LOVE DOGS?

this is love

M & M :: お二人Summer from KAI MEDIA on Vimeo.