Lauryn Hill. Hard Rock Cafe

Lauryn Hill played a small show at Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki the night after her big show at Aloha Tower.
So you're telling me, you're gonna give me money, free food, and a free concert to take some pictures? Thanks Dave Miyamoto. I liked Lauryn Hill and The Fugees back in high school (because all the girls did, therefore I did). Seriously though, this was awesome. It was a real intimate show, not too crowded, she killed the hits, and it was fun. On another special note, my buddy Matt Bruening designed her outfit, well I don't know if 'designed' is the right word, he physically made, with his hands, the clothes that were on her back. How rad is that?!
Only complication was, I wasn't allowed to use a flash, only take pictures during the first 3 songs, and Ms. Lauryn Hill likes the lights turned down low, yeah like the song, but really because she apparently doesn't like to be too visible. So it was high ISO, wide open glass, and a steady hand. Fun