M+M. (Miles & Mai Wedding)

I love Miles and Mai. They are the kind of folks you get to be friends with at the wedding and stay friends with forever. They got married at Halekulani, which is awesome, because I love the buffet, but besides that, it really was a perfect wedding. A touch of tears, tons of laughter, and a dance floor that got cut up, not to mention at least one shirt got taken off (one step closer to my goal of photographing an all topless wedding haha.)

I also had the help from photographer,Cassy Song ,between capturing images, we made sure to high-five each other really loud during the ceremony vows J/K.
Do check out the Video Kai Media put together for them to show at the wedding reception. It is awesome on another level..and you really can see how fun M+M are :)
Side note, LOVE DOGS?

this is love

M & M :: お二人Summer from KAI MEDIA on Vimeo.