Secret Surfing

Hahaha... what else can I say?!!

Thursday, Me and Pat surfed a new spot. A spot we've been meaning to check out for a while... but today seemed like the right conditions to really give it a go. Well, we scored!! 2-4 foot lefts, barrels, 40 second waves, steep inside sections, and best of all... ZERO crowd! I mean zero crowd... it was just me and pat, the two of us, surfing this amazing wave for 3 1/2 hours all to our selves. I can tell you it's on the North shore, but those are all the clues you get. We should be hitting it up tomorrow too. Hooray for life!!!

gettin there is half the battle
see... it's SOOOOO secret.. "KAPU"
Pat is paddling like a Tyrannosaurus rex... claw hand.
Some waves were lucky enough to tube up. Some were more frothier than others.
The 'Eye of the Froth'
...inside sections
pat on observation
1 of the 30 unridden waves this day.
... maybe we werent surfing Oahu at all... ?
14 of 30
coming back off of the shoulder
19 of 30
21 of 30
we are here.
another break 50 yards off... some nice 'rights' came in on that side.
pat went over to take a closer look...
Pat turned around just in time for a romantic 'slow dance' with this one here...
times to come in...
... after one last smack.

oh yeah homepies... enjoy the video here for more proof. (Proof that you need to be hanging out with us more.)