Pillars Party.. more killer surf.

Woohooo! The third straight day of fun surf. This time I went to the south side of the island to surf a secret spot (maybe the last good south swell for a while). Now, what makes this place a secret???... well, if you are surfing a spot and it's 'going off' and there are only 5 people out and half of them are the people you came with, then it's a secret spot. You might think you know where this spot is by looking at the backgrounds and stuff... but it's not where you think.
I surfed with Bronson and Chris, it was real fun. We got all the waves we wanted, and we took turns taking pictures of each other. I wish you were here... no wetsuit required!!

... look, its soooo secret these dudes showed up by boat.
Chris and Bronson..
this guy
... even Thuy Nguyen was out!! hahaha, look at the way she paddles. (just kidding)
Bronson doing a breakdance move on the wave.... reverse 'turtle spin'
Cree on the right
fun little buggah.
Jake, Shane... where you at?!

Bronso, a tad bit behind.
the chris duck.
at this point, Bronson was thinking about lunch.

Video stuffs... i hope you dont get sea-sick watching these things. I got a lot of 'Point of view' stuff this time, and some footage from following Chris. This is the THIRD soundtrack I put to this video, everytime I tried to upload it the other times, youtube said the music was copyrighted, so no can do. this one, not bad though.

Good bye from "Pillars"