Isabella's 6th Birthday

Monday the 25th of May was Bella's 6th birthday!! (It was also memorial day). We had a pretty relaxing day planned out... beach, then cake and ice cream at home. ISABELLA IS AWESOME.

We tried to go to Barbers point beach first, but since it was memorial day, the parking was insane!! I've never seen barbers that crowded, cops were giving out tickets all over the place.

the cars went down the road forever. cops were giving out tickets all over the place so we figured we'd leave and try to find a spot at ko'olina...

We got to ko'olina finally (but we eventually had to pay for parking to get to the beach.) It was a beautiful day though, definetely worth it for Bella's birthday.

I brought out my vintage Local Motion boardies.
There happened to be some wedding photography happening on the beach, so you know i had to stop in to see what was going on. I walked over pretty close with my camera, with no shirt and short shorts on. I think i might of freaked them out.

After the beach, we sent Bella over to grandma's so we could decorate the house for her birthday. The family came over to celebrate too.

bronson chad
Bella insisted I wear PINK for her birthday.
Kingsley was licking his lips getting ready for some cake and ice cream.
we wrapped some presents.
... stuffed the pinata.
put up the Birthday banner...
Got some big helium balloons..
put some "Hello Kitty" stuff around...
Now Bella came home to her birthday gathering.

MarioKart Wii tournament!!!
Pinata time!!
Bella tried to smash it with a broomstick...

.. the broomstick didnt crack the pinata, so Bella tried her plastic Pirate sword...
... the Sword didnt work, so we tried to bust it open with a miniature log...
... after the kids went a couple of rounds of smashing and no spilling of candy, Bronson came in to finish the job.
Candy on the ground... yay!
It was like what happened to the Titanic..

time for some Cake and candles!

..Time for presents!!

This was the first year where Bella could read all the words in her birthday cards.

thanks for reading... Bella had a great week. =)


Saturday, after the double-header weddings, I went to China town and stopped by "The Loft." My good buddy and old roommate Chon Peters invited me to come down and check it out. Chon is the Bar Manager there now, and it was a good event so I figured i'd stop by even though I was already pooped. It was a party for 'Contrast' magazine, and some good bands were playing so it turned out nice. Contrast mag is a sweet local magazine, its pretty much a skate, surf, art themed publication. I was honored to have one of my photos in their premiere issue a while ago. There were two bands playing, and I have been anxious to see both. The first band was "Anti-Social" and the second was "the Jump Offs." I've been meaning to see both these bands for some time now. So I guess I was lucky to see both of them in the one night that I finally drag myself out to an event (that was past my bedtime.) The Loft was pretty crowded (and hot)... anyone who was a somebody was there, from pro surfers to pro Ho's, from people who graduated in the 90's to people who dressed like they were from the 80's . I pretty much saw everyone I knew, from high school classmates to co-conspirators, it was a bit overwhelming. I had my camera with me, but I only brought my fish-eye lens. Also at that point I was pretty much over taking pictures from shooting all day at the weddings earlier, so I didnt take many photos. But I did manage to pop off a few shots...

Chon in his own world

his crew

the Loft crowd (before maximum temperature)


"The Jump Offs"

so yeah,

shaka aloha da kine's!

Wedding Double Header

A looooong Saturday shoot, from 9am - 9:30pm. I shot two weddings this past saturday, the first one was just a ceremony in Kaimuki and the second one was a ceremony in Hawaii Kai then the reception followed in Moanalua. The next day, Sunday, I shot the reception for the first wedding.

Tyler and Alyssa

I know how this kid feels...
I just wanted to lounge too.

Troy and Melissa

.. this is the coolest dude at the wedding.

I got to take home the Lilly's for Sam.

so yeah, hooray for love