Monday Makapu'u

Monday we planned a day to the beach while Bella was in school. We planned to drive all the way to Makapu'u again so we could try and do some swimming/body surfing again. It was a beautiful day, great weather, but small waves. Bronson, Faexia, Chris and Mallory joined us.

the waves were small, but the water came all the way up the sand to create cool little pools.
sam got this picture of us playing in the clouds.
somebody wanted everyone to know they really like "Jim" from the tv show 'the office'.
yay! boogie surfing ha.

like i said... the waves were tiny
the best way to "enjoy the ride" .. was to sand-slide. You could slide all the way down from the tide pools to the shore. please enjoy my photoshop skills.
just watch out for rocks!!
another way to have fun is to look as retarded as possible.
... or Chris lookin' as sexy as possible.
.. if you look up "gay times" in the dictionary.. it pretty much means "fun times."
you see that Lunch Tray in the background??? yeah, it was hanging out on the sand all day, then Bronson picked it up to use it for bodysurfing... then when he got to the water some guy in the water shouted at bronson.. "Ho brah!! Das my tray!! das my tray!!" haha.. (maybe if you noticed the tray in the background, you can notice the "stick" in chris's shorts.)
its hard to be this close without kissing.
check out this "stand-still" wave that popped up. endless wave, it was rad.

sometimes you use a fast shutter
sometimes a slow shutter speed.
thanks to Mallory for getting me addicted to Giant cheetos puffs, and for bringing some POG.
bye now