Chris directs Film project

Sunday I headed down to Kailua with Bella and Talon to meet up with Chris and the crew to make a film. The film is for chris's film class at UH. It's an underdog story about a waiter who finally gets the girl he's been after for a while.

We shot at Keola's parents' breakfeast resturaunt in Kailua town.

On the way to the location, we saw this beat-up dog walking around the streets. He looked like my dog Kingsley, but he was the ghetto version. Chris pulled out an old tupperware bowl out of his trunk and filled it with water for the dog... nice guy.

here is the cast, including Bella ha, reading over the script and getting hungry for pancakes.
Keola and Lili's dog, Jude. (unfortunetely he's not in the film)
Here's the resturaunt we shot at. "Moke's bread & breakfast"

we had the pleasure of getting Keli'i from Kai Media to shoot for us. He used his new Canon 5D to shoot the HD video. Im not a big Canon camera follower, but this camera is insane!! Put that bad boy on a stedi-cam and use a fixed 50mm and you can make your image dreams come true!
talon playing the part of "chef/owner" (he was flawless)
Chris setting up the shot for scene 2.
the closing scene took place outside, running on the sidewalk.
this is acting!!
this is production!
this was the swine flu!

hopefully i'll be able to show you guys the finished film in a week or so. Chris has to edit mega footage first.