Cr-Egg's wedding.

I finally got to go to a wedding where I didnt have to be the photographer! yay! Its awesome when friends get married, because everyone gets together again. Randy came all the way down from Georgia, and Jake came down from heaven.
Long time friend Craig finally tied the knot with his long time girlfriend, Maile, this past saturday. The reception was at the Hale koa hotel in one of the ballrooms.

After the ceremony and before the reception, I met up with Cameron in the hotel room he got for the night. He got a penthouse room at the waikiki gateway hotel (perfect room for a sausage fest). Everything was pretty small in the room, mainly because i think they cater towards japanese tourist.

the bathroom was pretty fancy with its new fangled faucets.

so off to the dinner reception! Craig and Maile had a big bridal party. 6 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids. Jakob, Randy, Paul, and Pat were among the proud groomsmen. The ballroom was decorated with a lot of butterflies and cheer.
Jake finally cut his hair. Pat is very dark, and paul is funny.
Me, cameron and Alden were in the back on table #21.
out of focus Cameron
and out of focus me (blame alden)... oh, and i realized I was the only one at the whole reception wearing a hat. pardon my french.
It was pretty good being at a wedding and not having the job of taking photos. For once I could enjoy a 24oz. beer with my dinner.
.. the buffet was not that good actually, but the dessert was very satisfying.
they even had a butterfly ice sculpture to make the wedding complete.
getting down on the wedding program, i left all the photography to these 2 photograpers.
git that garter craigee
Cameron's luck hasnt changed since they were throwing out free shirts at the "groove" in high school. He caught the garter (thats 2 in a row for him since he caught it at Randy's wedding too.) The belt had $50 in it, so the drinks were on Cam for the rest of the night.
I find the "father/ daughter" dance very interesting. I actually kind of get emotional when I see it, because I imagine one day that this will be me and Bella.
getting there first dance in as "the Barreto's"
party hardy boys
everyone's here!!!
i'm glad Jakey boy was in town... i mean, who else am I gonna have "shoe talk" with?!

We did some dance battles, brought out the old Jerky Boy "bowling" routine. It was a gas.
.. we pretty much shut the place down.
last thing left to do was to chop the ice sculpture in half, karate kid style.

congrats Craig and Maile!!! thanks for having me at your wedding. Cameron's wedding is next!! (and its gonna be an 'open bar' so you know its gonna get fascinating)