Studio attempt 1

Haha, the more I look at this post, the more I think to myself, "what the hell were we doing that night?!"
Chris has access to a studio, so we figured we would try it out. I've never shot with studio lights before, but I always understood the concept (I remember doing this kind of stuff in my TVPRO class at LCC.) Anyway, we started setting up the lights around 1:00am, yes A.M.!!, probably a bad idea to start so late. I have a new respect for people who use studio lights now, it was such a pain in the ass to set-up and then figure out the proper set-up, angles, placement, etc.
Probably the most ridiculous part about the whole night was the fact that we didnt even have anything in mind that we wanted to shoot. We just set up the lights then took pictures of each other for about 3 hours. I brought my magical bag of goodies at least, so we had props to use.
I think maybe it would of been better if we had hot models or something to take pictures of, I think that would of been easier to explain to Sam rather than me just telling her, "Yeah, me and Chris took pictures of each other with our shirts off till 4:00 a.m." haha.

Setting up
chris's Pentax (medium format film cam)
1st picture, I think this is bad lighting, I dunno
now were getting somewhere..
Yes!! complete success. I made him look so sexy.
backlight test...

This is what Chris looks like a lot of the time.

and this is where he says... "Now take off your shirt pretty lady!!"
... so I did.
...then he did.
"So Bummed from So High"
let's do it again..
"I believe I can Fly"
"It was an ambush!!"

our pictures started to get even better around 3:00am.
Lizard Penis
My favorite picture of me.... ever.
"you okay little guy?"
more lighting tests...

....................and good bye with this nice sticker.