Agent Hook

Welcome to Dork World. After a little convincing by Sam and Oliver, I decided to go ahead and buy ourselves a new Xbox. We mainly bought it so "we" could play the new Call of Duty/ Modern Warfare game. Sam is actually the one who wanted to play it.

We went to Gamestop and bought the Call of Duty limited edition xbox/ bundle. Craaazy!!! we also had to buy all our 'online' gear, like a long ethernet chord, a year membership to xbox live (I cant believe you have to pay extra for that.) And Sam insisted we get the 'strategy guide'. haha. So, almost $500 later, we now have a new toy that we both can share to continue the marital bonds.
I'm all ready to go!! I'm gonna be using Bella's Snuggie to curl up real comfortable on those cold winter nights. Sam stayed up till 4:00am last night breaking in the new gear (she's nutty), now i'm the spouse thats saying, "come to bed already, turn that game off!" haha.
Oliver and Chad came over last night to help us break in the new system. We had a "game night"... this is the kind of game night you dreamt about having when you were in elementary school. And now we are all "adults" and we are still playing video games together, but now it's in my own house, and now we play on 42" HD widescreen t.v's. haha, total grown up Dorkathon.
and keep in mind, your relationship is only gonna work if the ladies love to play too!!

good times. If you play this game to, you can play with me and Sam online, our xbox live name is: Agent Hook (''Captain Hook" was already taken, so was the name "Seymore Butts".)