Sunday, the day after Halloween, we got to hang out with Grace one more time before she had to be ''leaving on a jet plane.'' We all went to have a picnic at Kapiolani park, we stopped by the new 'Stortos' in Kaimuki first to grab some sandwiches. It was a good day with great company. Wish we could of spent more time with Gracie.

Blankets, legos, books, sandwiches, friends, pigeons, diapers, in the shade.
Bella is working on a pretty good lego reproduction of 'The leaning tower of Pisa'
...and down it goes.
Mahea and Grace... like totally BFF's OMG.
Mili has a completely awesome pair of twin sons!!... Double awesome
This is Kama (I hope i'm not mixing up the names)
and this is Maka


Yoga version of the 'indian style'??
Zeke can be chillin' and taking care of business at the same time.
Bird Chasing
"Where you go, I will go"

Good moms rule
let's take a groupie photo

Kids will rule the earth