Bella's Music Choices

Bella has been paying attention to the music me and Sam have been listening to in the car or on the radio at home. Now she is requesting that we play certain songs when we take car rides and stuff. I asked her if she wanted me to buy her a c.d. player for her room so that she can "jam out" whenever she wanted to at home. She said she would like that, but requested that I put the following songs on a c.d. for her. Some of the songs I dont even know where she would of heard them from... maybe at her cousins house or something. Because trust me, me and Sam are not listening to Lady GaGa.

Here is her request list.
1. Jay-Z~ Empire state of Mind (New York)... nice pick.
2. Taylor Swift~ You belong with me.
3. Bayside~ Moceanu (one of my personal favorites)
4. MxPx~ Secret Weapon
5. Lady GaGa~ Paparazzi
6. Pink~ Scurvy (from the spongebob movie)... dont think i'll be able to find this one
7. Feist ~ 1,2,3,4
8. Shakira~ She-wolf .. hahaha
9. Elton John~ Don't go Breaking my Heart
10. The Arcade Fire~ Wake up.
11. Katie Perry~ Hot and Cold (yikes)
12. Karen O and the kids~ the ENTIRE "Where the Wild Things Are" soundtrack... Bella absolutely loves every song.

... pretty cool choices I guess. As long as she doesnt start "sagging" her jeans, i'm okay with whatever she wants to listen to.