cousin analisa's 15th Birthday

Saturday, the day after the groundUP event, the family headed to Ala moana beachpark to celebrate my niece/cousin? in-law's 15th birthday. All of Sam's side of the family got down to the beach and set up a tent, had food, had games, and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

"Happy B-day Ana"

Grilled hot dogs and burgers.. my favorite. (especially the Redondo's winners!!)
the surf check out at "courts".
Bella and her cousins going for a dip in the pool.
she's learning to swim!

time to play some party games! This one was fun, you had to hold an orange between your body and run down to the bucket and drop it in.

cousin travis had the great idea to just cary bella against him and toss the orange in the bucket, haha.
Time to get the water balloons!!!
travis gets face splashed.
One of the best things in a kid's life has to be having a water balloon fight.

this game was pretty awesome. You had to put a blind fold on, and feed your partner some pudding.

Bella and her partner having a hard time finding each others' mouths. Bella is trying to feed the pudding straight to his stomache.
I dont remember Bella looking like a "rasta-farian". but I guess a long day of beach, sand and sun will do this to you.
These guys know how to light some candles!!
happy birfday!
by the way, that Guava cake from Jermaines was insanely delicious!!