Waikele then SAVERS

A small shopping day took place after we picked up Bella from school. Just down the road from our house, we hit up Waikele shopping center. Then After Waikele, we went to "Savers" in Waipahu.

While we were in Waikele, there werent many stores for me and Bella to check out so we spent the time riding coin machine rides.

So long and Farewell to the pay phone... really, does anybody in this day and age still use these things??

Bella picked out a new pair of Vans... now she says, we are all a whole family of Checkers since me and sam have checkerboard slip-ons as well.

After Waikele, we drove down to Savers. I dont know why we go to Savers a lot, you really dont need to be shopping for anything in particular, but you can usually find something to buy anyway.

I usually check the section with Old shoes, and old jackets first.

There was a nice gift waiting for me when I went into the fitting room to try on some OP shorts.

The girls looking for complete random nonsense clothes.

I also like the "brik-a-brak" section.

...Hot Lips night light and Nintendo game systems... what a dreamboat.

Found some classic games. (whats that gold game in the back?..)

Yup, you know it. Zelda, all time classic NES.

If I had room for this, then maybe we would of picked it up.

I ended up picking these two games to buy. You know I have to have myself some "Contra"... also, did you know they are coming out with a new "Punch-out" game for nintendo Wii, but they dropped the name Mike Tyson from it, I guess he lost his 'steet cred.'

and I dont know what my obsession is with short shorts, but I had to get these OP cord shorts too.

Its genuine gold!