Wailupe. Shark bait foot.

I surfed Wailupe on Monday, the day before town was suppose to be really good. I went with Bronson, and we ended up meeting up with quad-dog Dave Miyamoto. Me and Bronson checked Bowls, Pillars, and China Walls, but ended up paddling out at Wailupe. The waves were okay, head high, but a little windy and inconsistent. At least there was no crowd out. The only other bad thing was, I cut my foot on the first wave I caught. My foot slipped off of the back rail of my board, and got sliced on some cracked fiberglass YOW!!! I didnt know how bad my cut was until I got out of the water an hour later and realized it was still bleeding a lot and didnt stop bleeding for a while. Oh well, worse thing was that I couldnt surf on Tuesday when the town swell peaked. At least i'm a beast. Here are the few pics from the session;

Here's my cut... I folded the flap of loose skin back over the cut so hopefully it would stay closed.
Davey Miyamotey
Bronson loitering on the inside
Blurry davey
Just Dave on the outside
going in
Ooops.. this doesnt look so good.
I left a puddle of blood with every step.. it's bright red.. is that a good thing?

homemade bandage with my rashguard sleeve so I can drive home. This is healthy
Then me and Bronson got some 'McGangBang's for lunch... replenish my lost fluids.

Here's some quick video.. and at the end, you can see my shark bait foot. Look away if you don't like bloody things.. i still cringe when I look at it. I cant believe I was surfing for an hour with that cut, non-stop bleeding.. ick.


"Tracks" with Lofa.

A few days ago me and Lofa went surfing. Well, I didnt actually surf, I paddled around in 1 foot mush and took pictures of Lofa's sexy legs underwater. We headed over to "Tracks" on the westside, but the waves were tiny. We even drove up to check Maili point, but that was junk too. Well here, look at these small waves, and look at Lofa's legs...
Set of the day

Like a graceful porpoise

one tube ride coming up

100 ft. wave (100 foot long)

Lofa's last wave in. Cowabungy


nothing to show

I havent really updated my blog with anything good recently. I've been taking a lot of pictures, working, etc. but havent had the chance to update.

Most of the pictures i've been taking recently are for my art show in June, so I dont want to spoil it all by showing you the photos now. Half of the art show will probably be new photos, the other half some old favorites.

So, just thought i'd say "Hi". I'll put something interesting up soon... promise.

A box from Japan

I received some gifts from Japan. My sister was taking a vacation in Japan, she also made a visit to Shane's house in Tsushima. She sent me some gifts. Omiyagi

This dumb gift must be from shane. A foam 'karate chopping' block... and it cost 9 million yen!! wow shane, thanks a lot (add sarcasm if you'd like.) Anyway, Bella loves breaking it with her head.
sweet slippers and slipper "case". These fit Sam, so these are for her.
PANDA MASK!!! yeeeehaw. It fits Bella, and it fits me. Thanks Jess!! maybe one day you'll remember to buy yourself one too ;)
Bella absolutely loves this hat, so it's hers.
and some crazy liquid snack in what looks like a balloon. It reminds me of something you need to smuggle in your anus to transport out of Mexico. I havent tried it yet... but it says, "You can still eat more deliciously when you cool it". hmmmm

domo arigato

Soul Signature Art show reception at 'The Manifest' April 10th recap

O.k. for realsies this time. On April 10th, the Soul Signature Tattoo and Art studio officially took over 'The Manifest' for a killer art showing. Also on the walls, some photos up by the multi-talented and ever so seen HONOZOOLOO.
All though the artwork had already been up for about a week prior, this Saturday was the official opening party. I made sure I went down to Chinatown to check out the show and party. Here are a few more pics from the opening...

Mani Pedi
They filled up the entire brick wall with some beautiful gems.
They also have some limited edition prints and originals for sale. Some of the prints are super limited so make sure you go get one now before they sell out. I got myself one of these bad boys from Lucky.

A few Originals by Mandy Garcia. At an easy price to take home too!

Jandon Peid and Bustin Rark (i'm gonna trademark that)
fancy checkers
sound maker
I think it'd be better if I just finish off with some blurry pictures.

I dunno who this is... but he touched my 'special vienna' in the bathroom

Erica and Sam
Chad and Oli

and that's that.

Split Obsession. Grand Opening Ala Moana. April 10th

On April 10th, "Split Obsession" held there grand opening party for there new Ala Moana Location. I had time to stop by for an hour and say Hi to everyone. I've spent many of hundreds of my dollars at this store, and I love these guys. They had everything in effect, live painting, free cheese and sweets, DJ's, art, clothes, and cool people. I took a few pictures in between my snack sessions, here they are...

The new location is on the second floor, right next to the Niemen Marcus entrance.

atypicalliving and Prolifik in the house.

Lofa's back in effect
Dinner is served
Bigfoot 1 + Visell
other Photogs in effect
peeps and peepers
Kavet the Catalyst

adio amigo