A box from Japan

I received some gifts from Japan. My sister was taking a vacation in Japan, she also made a visit to Shane's house in Tsushima. She sent me some gifts. Omiyagi

This dumb gift must be from shane. A foam 'karate chopping' block... and it cost 9 million yen!! wow shane, thanks a lot (add sarcasm if you'd like.) Anyway, Bella loves breaking it with her head.
sweet slippers and slipper "case". These fit Sam, so these are for her.
PANDA MASK!!! yeeeehaw. It fits Bella, and it fits me. Thanks Jess!! maybe one day you'll remember to buy yourself one too ;)
Bella absolutely loves this hat, so it's hers.
and some crazy liquid snack in what looks like a balloon. It reminds me of something you need to smuggle in your anus to transport out of Mexico. I havent tried it yet... but it says, "You can still eat more deliciously when you cool it". hmmmm

domo arigato