Wailupe. Shark bait foot.

I surfed Wailupe on Monday, the day before town was suppose to be really good. I went with Bronson, and we ended up meeting up with quad-dog Dave Miyamoto. Me and Bronson checked Bowls, Pillars, and China Walls, but ended up paddling out at Wailupe. The waves were okay, head high, but a little windy and inconsistent. At least there was no crowd out. The only other bad thing was, I cut my foot on the first wave I caught. My foot slipped off of the back rail of my board, and got sliced on some cracked fiberglass YOW!!! I didnt know how bad my cut was until I got out of the water an hour later and realized it was still bleeding a lot and didnt stop bleeding for a while. Oh well, worse thing was that I couldnt surf on Tuesday when the town swell peaked. At least i'm a beast. Here are the few pics from the session;

Here's my cut... I folded the flap of loose skin back over the cut so hopefully it would stay closed.
Davey Miyamotey
Bronson loitering on the inside
Blurry davey
Just Dave on the outside
going in
Ooops.. this doesnt look so good.
I left a puddle of blood with every step.. it's bright red.. is that a good thing?

homemade bandage with my rashguard sleeve so I can drive home. This is healthy
Then me and Bronson got some 'McGangBang's for lunch... replenish my lost fluids.

Here's some quick video.. and at the end, you can see my shark bait foot. Look away if you don't like bloody things.. i still cringe when I look at it. I cant believe I was surfing for an hour with that cut, non-stop bleeding.. ick.