Split Obsession. Grand Opening Ala Moana. April 10th

On April 10th, "Split Obsession" held there grand opening party for there new Ala Moana Location. I had time to stop by for an hour and say Hi to everyone. I've spent many of hundreds of my dollars at this store, and I love these guys. They had everything in effect, live painting, free cheese and sweets, DJ's, art, clothes, and cool people. I took a few pictures in between my snack sessions, here they are...

The new location is on the second floor, right next to the Niemen Marcus entrance.

atypicalliving and Prolifik in the house.

Lofa's back in effect
Dinner is served
Bigfoot 1 + Visell
other Photogs in effect
peeps and peepers
Kavet the Catalyst

adio amigo