Family photos on the Ranch.

Some days ago The Hook family got together to meet up with professional photographer extraordinaire, Dave Miyamoto. We met up at a ranch in Makaha, we were suppose to shoot some commercial type photos for the Ranch. Me, Sam, and Bella were gonna be the models for the shoot. Unfortunately, the weather was bad, so we couldnt do the shots we wanted around the grounds. But that gave opportunity for us to hang out on the porch and shoot some family photos for the Hooks. We'll be back in the future, with nice weather, and we'll get some cool shots that show off how awesome this Ranch house and grounds are, but till then enjoy these shots.

We were greeted by some friendly livestock.
Bella absolutely loved the place.
Family relaxin' day
Horses of courses

Dave and Michelle on the prowl.

So yeah, Dave didnt want to waste an opportunity to shoot some photos (even in the rain), so he took some amazing pictures of my family. Everyone should take family photos. Family photos are really awesome, and as much as I shoot family photos for other people, nothing compares to the feeling of seeing professional pictures of YOUR family.

All the following photos were taken by Dave Miyamoto

Ya' Damn right, baby!
haha, you gotta see Bella's eyes in this picture.. funny girl
my favorite picture of Sam and Bella

Cardigan family