April First Friday. Manifest. APT3. Oceans.

Hello party people... and dad. I'm finally catching up with some overdue posts. These photos were taken on First Friday, about a week and a half ago. I went to check out Manifest, then met up with Cameron and went to Apt. 3 and then to Oceans. I remember I had fun this night, but I dont remember too much else so my comments are gonna be pretty minimum. ok then;

The walls at Manifest are currently being beautified by the artwork of the SOUL SIGNATURE TATTOOcrew. It looks really epic, so go check it out.

"Hey Aaron, which way to Jesus?".. "okay, thanks"
More artwork, and just a little bit of Fred Booth's fingers.
CW is over there on the other side of the bar.
Brandon is right here in the bar.
I danced it up real quick with CW . ... well, I kinda just stood there and put my hands up and "whoa, watch the blonde hair go!!!''
Met Fred Booth. This guy is super cool. I obviously already knew who he was because of all the bodyboarding videos I watched at Chaz's house, but this is the first time i've formally met him. Please check out PAULELE Clothing

The man can paint, he can sing, but most importantly, he can dance.

"Your boto suprised me!" face
hey guys, you looking the wrong way.

see ya later Hotel st.
Hello APARTM3NT. Hi there DJ Sho! "Play me some Bel Biv Devoe"
sorry Mark, but the tips are not happening tonight. (i think that's $0.25 in there)
side bang
all right. Now i'm at Ocean club.
This my dude
I dont know what's going on... but I like it.
I dunno.. I think I couldnt decide between drinking a 'vodka & 7up' or a 'vodka/redbull'... and then I ended up ordering a '7up and redbull'.
oh, free cotton candy lying on a table.. yeah, i'll take two of those.

bye. good riboflavin