We are going camping!!

We are going camping this weekend, on the north shore. Just in time too, seems like there are going to be some waves to enjoy.

all i know, is that there isnt a chance i'll be able to repack that tent back into that bag that neatly. Bella loves camping... any excuse for her to play with flashlights, she'll take.

Bella's Menchie's choice today

Today was hot, after I picked Bella up from school she asked if we could go get frozen yogurt. How could I say no to that?!

Today she filled up with Strawberry/ Orange blast / and Hawaiian delight fro-yo, with gummi bears, sprinkles, red velvet cake, strawberries, blueberries, and reese's pieces toppings.
we are trendy

Wedding: Keola + Tia

I did some work this week, yay. I shot a cool and relaxed wedding at the Moana Surfrider hotel in Waikiki. Young folks, Keola and Tia, were very much in love... very eager and ready to 'tie the knot.' Here's a tiny look at the beautiful day;

tried to have an "Abbey Road/ Beatles" feel.
I'll let you guess which groomsmen reminded me of my friend Derrick Jones.

This was an awesome cake... I actually tasted it, it 'broke my mouth'
Love negative space


my obsession with micro-waves continues

Another flat day at the beach. I am very obsessed with taking pictures of tiny waves.. I like to sit right next to the water, plant my feet in the sand and shoot away. Here are a few photos from earlier this week, this was up by haleiwa.

this would be perfect for a miniature chris, or jake... or shane
mini "Kirra"
aerial view of a little tube
bubble butterfly
another top view tube... kind of looks like a tornado

Toy Photoshoot / underwater

Monday and Tuesday were beach days for me and Sam. Since the waves were flat I left my surfboard at home and brought some toys instead. I am so in love with my waterproof fuji point-n-shoot. I already feel I've gotten my money's worth out of it. "I wasnt playing with my dolls" (Spaceballs)

"King Ken" designed by James Jarvis

a.k.a. "Scuba Steve"
an egg Qee designed by: Gary Baseman (the same guy who designed the pieces for 'Cranium' board game)

"Sleeping Killer" designed by Bwana Spoons

haha, yeah i know, this was illegal. I'm a rebel

'i'll come along for the ride'

dude, those are some "killer" headphones

"Light Painting"

I've been doing some "light painting" photography this week. It's not really a new idea, people have been doing it for a while, I just finally have the time and motivation... and help to do it now. I'm pretty happy at my first attempts, I think they came out pretty close to the image I was putting together in my head first. We took some photos at Mililani skatepark, an empty road, Waiamea bay, and Ehukai. I just want to say that we got busted at mililani skatepark for being there after 10pm.. and what I feel I need to share is the fact that the cop that busted me and chad, was the rudest, bitchiest, uncool police officer i have ever encountered in my entire life!! okay, let's move on shall we.
Each of these pictures are taken with my digital camera. I used the "Bulb" setting on my shutter speed, that way I could control how long i wanted the shutter to be open per picture... in these cases, it was between 5 - 13 minutes per picture. The pictures are pretty easy to execute, but they are very time consuming!! It might take 4 hours just to get 10 good pictures. We used some LED pens to do the body figures, and my external flash and flashlights to fill the backgrounds.
Hope you like the pictures.

"King of the skatepark"
"sasquatch sighting"
"Heart playground"
"strobing skater"
"Man in the bushes"
"up here"
"enjoying the Purple sand"
"Go Green"
"palm tree in purple sand"
"1 purple balloon"
"the sandman surfs"
"waiting to go out"
"green and pink lifeguard tower"
ok then.