Delicious Dinner

Monday evening we wents to a dinners.

We went back to one of our new favorite restaurants, Gazen. It's located on the top of Kapiolani, right across the street from the Fun Factory in market city shopping center. It is some very delicious Japanese cuisine. Price per person between $12- $22.
"the salmon and the miso butter are a much made in heaven" ?? translation in not their specialty.
We took Fayesha out to dinner for her welcome home from paris celebration. "The Douche" came along as well.

I did get the salmon, and yes it was a "much heaven"
They have so many good appetizers, we will always get the: Edamame Beans, the fried tofu/mochi balls, and the japanese style fries!!!! mmm
I would say the steaks are there specialty. You can get a ribeye and choose from 5 different preperations, Sam and Chad got the garlic/ spicy tomato sauce. Last time we had the lemon/garlic sauce, both are awesome.

and on one final note, they have a very romantic setting in there. Look how attractive the lighting made Chad look. We were playing "footsies" under the table the whole night.
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