"Everytime I call the old you, the 'new you' picks up the phone"...

Album Review: "Beggars" by THRICE
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...If you keep thinking, "o.k, this c.d. will finally be like "Identity Crisis" or "Illusion of Safety"...well, you need to keep waiting. I think the best way for me to describe the new c.d. is saying that it is a continuation from 'the Alchemy Index' "Earth" and "Air" volumes. I've liked every c.d. Thrice has put out, this new one included, but this is definitely "New Thrice".

Will they ever go back to playing "power chords"?!! Doesnt look that way, for now.
The new c.d. is great soundtrack to listen to while you do all your computer tasks, and provides a smooth tune to clip your toenails to.

just my 2 cents.