Dalek / First Friday / SOHO

First Friday of the month; I went with Oliver, Alden, Mason, Cameron, Jacque, Chris, and Mallory to SOHO for the Hurley - Dalek - 2D show. It was a pretty cool show, I think I was more enthused by the people who were there and the company I was with. I have collected some Dalek toys for some time now, but I dont have any of his prints/ or paintings. I took a few pictures, but not many, of the event. I dont think I brought the right lens for the evening, plus there were 17 better photographers in the house anyway.

The journey into Chinatown started off on 'the wrong foot'... Alden got pulled over by police as soon as we got into chinatown, he got two tickets; one for a broken headlight, and one for not having his registration sticker on his license plate (even though his registration is current.) We got 2 cop cars to do the job.
Rear view window
Your normal Chinatown scenery...
SOHO was pretty 'bumpin' with a big crowd..

Le artwork by Dalek, i'm suprised I didnt see him paint any of his "space monkey" characters.
He had some prints for sale (which were nice), but even more sick were these limited edition Hurley boardshorts..
paintings and people
Here's Dalek (on the right) talking to Jun Jo... Dalek is way taller than I thought, he's a few inches taller than me!!
I got a Polaroid of 'Dalek' for my Polaroid Project... When I asked him to describe himself, he said "I dont know myself that well... how about you pick a word for me"... after some discussion, we both decided he would write "Space-monkey"
Chris brought one of his Dalek Qee's from an old Oxop series for Dalek to sign.
50mm reverse macro of somebody's Corona
mo' paintings
The Cam and Jac
the Oliver, with same haircut as me
The fashion show... and all I noticed about this girl was this....
...she had double pierced boobies
I'll let this guy do all the picture taking for me..
the Crestallion
After SOHO we took a quick walk around Chi-town to check the normal hot spots.
I forgot my friend Brandon has there new place across 39Hotel..
Hello! Hot Dogs
so that was that on that.
Sorry I missed ya Travis... next time you should come on time.
next time.