Father / Daughter Day

Today, I had a great day with my daughter. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Mililani. We started off our day in the Mililani town center, we started off our day spending a lot of money, then did some free stuff. We had some Fro-Yo, caught a movie, and checked out the church "block party" that was by our house.

So yeah, "Menchies" frozen yogurt bar just opened in the town center, so we checked it out while we were waiting for our movie to start.
If for some uneven reason you have no Idea how a frozen yogurt bar operates, i'll explain. Step 1.) get a cup and fill it up with one of the many yogurt flavors, mix-n-match if you want, take as little or as much as you want.
Step 2) Add toppings to your liking... toppings include anything from cereal to fresh fruit to gummi bears.
Step 3.) Get your Yogurt weighed, and you pay for it by the ounce.. $0.43 /oz. I think.
We just got a snack size portion... I let Bella pick whatever she wanted, she mixed up some Natural and Strawberry Yogurt. Topped it with fresh strawberries, sprinkles, gummi bears, and condensed milk.. came out to $3.03

After filling up on Yogurt, we headed to the movies to catch a matinee. Bella wanted to see "Ponyo". Its the first full animated (no c.g.) movie i've seen in years. I thought it was an o.k. movie.. Bella really liked it. Movies cost a lot of money, dang.
Bella still had room for some popcorn and more gummi bears. Anything goes with dad.

After the movies, we parked the car at home and took a walk to the church around the block. They were having a free 'block party' with fun stuff for kids, free food too!
scary clown makes balloons.

Bella wanted a "princess wand" and this is what she got. It took the clown about 13 minutes to make this thing!! serious, over 10 minutes!! (I guess you get what you pay for.)
3 minutes later, part of the balloon pops!
7 minutes after that, she's only left with this....
I was waiting in line for the free food... all of a sudden I got real jealous of this guy's haircut!
Freeness = Greatness
Bella wanted some face painting to go along with her tattoo on her forehead.

Bella felt she deserved a better balloon, so since there was no line, she hit up "Pennywise" again
this was pretty cool, it was a "fish hat"

It rained in Mililani for a quick bit, God left us a rainbow.