Costume Party !!


Welcome all, welcome to another long post. Last week while Shane was visiting us (back from Europe, before moving to Japan.)... we had a party for him at Angel's house. It was technically a going away party, and the only way we know how to party.. is extreme!! haha, we figured we would throw a costume party because really, when was the last time you went to a costume party? Especially a costume party where everyone dressed up!!
It was an amazing night, me and Sam had a babysitter so we got to enjoy ourselves and each other's company. Everyone had fun, we danced in Angel's slightly furnished apartment, we BBQ'd on the rooftop, we danced some more, then took a dunk in the rooftop pool at 2:00am. Enjoy the pictures... I wish you were there (if you were'nt)

The amazing view from Angel's Apartment, just before sunset.. So here we are with the costumes...

This is Chad as "Jesus Christ"

My Lovely wife Sam as the lady from "flashdance"/ or an arobics instructor... ?

Erin as Tourist/arobics freak/ with fanny pack and reef walkers

Shane made his costume! It was a Stuffed Animal that he gutted, de-stuffed, tore apart, and put on his head = DUCK!

Geoff did the same thing with an old Stuffed Gorilla....

I came as "the most awesome ol' dude ever" complete with fat gut and an authentic bald spot.

I'm Homies with Jesus

Its got to be tough to love me at this point... Sam is a trooper!

"Why she need to take off her wedding ring?.... I real handsome dude"

.... "Let me babysit your kids"

This is one of the many costume's Angel changed into that night.. i think this one was "Amish wife"?

Alden as old Japanese tourist i think? or maybe "Glenn Miyashiro"

Cameron and Jacque as "cow and swiss matron"

Mike, Maria, and little Noah as "even more Japanese than before"
...actually, I think Noah was a Costco employee
Cree came late to the party as "Sexy Kitty" hahaha

Group photos!!!! I think a few people were missing from these photos, dont know where they were. Good pictures though.

Costume feet... i'm the one with the green 'flojos'
Crown Royal and plastic cups... it's a real party now.

We took the party to the roof for a quick bit. I love the view up there. We grilled up some easy breezy hot dogs and steaks... "the roof, the roof"... The moon was in effect. It's neat to see where the sun is shining on the moon.
Fence and Freeway
"How many duder's does it take to start the grill?!"
by the way, Jesus Christ makes a killer steak!

Movin the party back down to the appartment.

we are terrible dancers

The duck dances by moving it's little tail... J.C. / Cow / Duck (it seems one of Cow's utters' is "happy" to see me)
Duck creeps over the shoulder.

Yum Yum time for grub

Dance on playahs!!! Dance on...

believe me when I say.. I am not drunk, promise

I'm having second thoughts on posting these videos, I look absolutely terrible... Is Alden teaching me to dance, or am I teaching him?? you be the judge.

Erin, of course, is the best dancer in the house!! Headstand for the win!

there's a fine line between "funny" and "disturbing" (and i think we crossed it)

Let the boys be boys ..

FYI, Jesus got a little rude by the end of the night... not your typical role model. Maybe this Jesus was from the "New School Testament"?! see.. Jesus with a sucker punch to the gut!
... a Karate chop to the medula..
... he even tried getting some "up skirt" with Cree..
My lady is fine the night grows long... the old man grows tired..

the duck goes down for the count... Yes, We are having as much fun as it looks...

I'm sure Erin wouldnt want me posting all the pictures of her dancing.. but trust me, it was hilarious... super hilarious. Also, I cant get over how ugly my bald spot is in this picture. they say, we were "in stitches" watching Erin... One highlight I HAVE to show you guys... It's Erin doing 'the worm' across the entire house. AMAZING!!

After alot of dancing.. we brought the party back upstairs to the 24hr. pool. We figured we'd go swimming in our costumes.. (not good idea)

In this underwater video, you can see all the "stuffing" from the costumes floating in the pool.. uh-oh..

the remaining article of shane's duck costume floating around the pool. Geoff's monkey suit... all the cotton stuffing from shane and geoff's costume absolutely scattered the entire pool and deck.. good-bye proper working pool filter, hello angry landlord.

We wanted to get a shot of everyone jumping into the pool at the same time, but it was pretty much impossible to get intoxicated people to listen to direction. this is as close as we got. at least we are all by the pool, and the composition is nice.