New MACkin' Computing Device

You ever get the feeling.... "what did I just do that for?". Well, I just got that feeling. I bought a new computer, in hopes of using it for "Work". I bought an Apple iMac 24" widescreen mammoth beast (it took a big chunk out of the cash in my wallet). I guess if I can pay it off by doing photo work, like how quickly I paid my camera off, then it'll be worth it. I've never owned a Mac before, but 96.5% of the people I asked recommended that I get one. I'll be honest with you, the first time I put my hands on a Mac was when the Mac store opened in Kahala... i went over there on my break from work and took a gander at it. No kidding, it took me 5 full minutes to figure out "Safari" was the internet. Unfortunately, I'm still at the same computer educated level now. When I was looking at the iMac's at the Mac store, I almost asked the salesman "where is the computer 'tower'?"... I had no idea the monitor and the cpu were the same device.
Well I should have fun learning how to use this thing for my benefit... at least I can look at "adult websites" in full 24" screen high res glory until then!

Here's "Old faithful" the laptop/workstation i've been using for the past 5 years. I knew things were starting to go bad when it would take me 12 minutes to switch between internet tabs. (it would take me about 4 days just to update each blog post.)
These warning windows cant' be a good sign either.

So yeah, this is the beast. Since Chris came down to the store with me (he's a real life college student), they gave me a free iTouch and a printer. I've never had an iPod or anything like that before, so I can imagine i'm gonna be that douche bag who only uses his 'iTouch' to play tetris and browse 'googleEarth'. Actually in all honesty, i'm probably gonna get even more trendy now and make a 'Twitter' account... and a 'Facebook', anything I can do to fit in with these young hipsters out there.
It is big (that's what she said)
In comparison, it makes my old computer look like an old portable car phone.
well, wish me luck and hope I can actually use it to it's potential and get some "mind-blowing" results.