In camera tricky tip.

Here's a 90% useless tip you can read and forget about.
Nothing fancy, but try it out. By taking your camera out of the "auto" / "A" White Balance (WB) setting, you can create a pretty cool tone or mood in your pictures. For example;

Most of the time my camera is set on "A" (auto) white balance.
Here is a picture of a sunset, shot on the Auto WB setting. Pretty normal.

By turning your camera's white balance to something else, you can 'fool' your camera to adjust for different color temperatures. One of the other options for your white balance is the "Tungsten" setting, also known as 'Indoor', usually represented by a Lightbulb symbol.
Choosing this can create a 'cool' mood, because it turns everything bluish. Try this trick, set your WB to the Tungsten setting in the daytime, and underexpose your shots -1, 0r -2... you can simulate a "day for night" look... works pretty good for shooting video.

Another setting would be the Fluorescent setting. Usually represented by a rectangle tube light bulb.
this setting casts a purple-ish hue. Perfect for taking pictures of people on drugs and the sort.
.... sure you can do a bunch of color adjustments in post production, but why not just screw it up on the spot?... it's much more rewarding.

are you as bored as I am?

get out there and take dumb pictures, it's fun.

goodbye dear friend. D200

I treated myself to some much needed equipment for Christmas last year, which means, it's goodbye to my old camera.
Goodbye to my Nikon D200. You were my love, you were with me all the time. You were with me 10,000 feet above sea level in the freezing cold, you were with me 20 feet below the sea. You were with me driving across the United States of America, you were with me in the mosh pit. You captured countless memories for other people, you solely paid my family's bills for two years. You kept me busy in the middle of the night, you were always there for me whenever I needed you.
I will miss your beaten up rubber skin, your sticky buttons, your electrical tape band-aid, and your terrible grain at a mid level ISO. Goodbye sir.

As I pass on my D200 to Sammy (may she have as much fun with it as I did), I just wanted to officially say thank you to the camera that brought me so much.
Just browsing around on my desktop, I found some of my favorite pictures taken with my D200. It has really been an awesome camera to me.

Route 66
Mililani Skate Park
Hana Maui
Erica Street
The Vandals


october sessions with Grace + Lani. (overdue)

so yeah, Grace came back home to visit in October, we jumped in the ocean for a "we at least need to surf once" session. Chun's was miniature, and a bit gloomy, but the waves were clean and we had good company.
Good times

bye now
yeeehaw, burn your friends!!!
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Mahina. Kai Media shoot.

Last weekend was the Hawaii Bridal Expo at the Blaisdell. For the big weekend, I helped out KAI MEDIA shoot a new commercial/promo video to show at the expo. The shoot was mainly to create an eye catching video, but everything was looking so awesome, I made sure I got some still photos too ;)

Model: Mahina Boersma
Hair/ Make-up: Holly Tomita
..some behind the scenes photos of the Video Shoot.
And the final Video from the 5 hour shoot, edited same night.