Black Sunday

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, a day that me and Sam would typically work (when i used to work retail), we didnt have to. I had a photoshoot in the morning, and after that we spent the day with Bella, went to the movies, went shopping, hung out with the dogs, and ate pizza.

We watched the new movie by Wes Anderson, "Fantastic Mr. Fox". This movie is awesome!!! I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Wes Anderson movies (Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket, Darjeeling Limited, etc.) It was super fun and catchy. The soundtrack wasnt as good as 'Life Aquatic' but there was some good stuff in there. Bella and Sam liked it too.
Popcorn for lunch.
After the movies we went over to Pearlridge to see if we could find some Christmas gifts. No luck. Nothing really caught our eye, at least the mall wasnt crowded, and we got to ride the 'courtesy cart' back and forth.
Bella and Mom wearing matching shoes.
After the mall, we took the dogs to the 'Bark Park' in mauka. It was getting late and it was getting cold, but the dogs had fun. Our dogs are always the smallest dogs at the park, most dogs just pee on them on get on with there lives.

They look more like little rabbits running around than dogs.

we ordered some pizza's from pizza hut from the park, then went home just in time to catch the delivery guy at our house.
Ate Pizza, took some warm showers, played xbox. good sunday night.