120 Diana+ Lomo

I finally got around to uploading a roll of 120 film I shot in the summer. This was a black & white roll I shot with my plastic "Diana" toy camera. Fun stuff. I actually didnt develop the negatives, I just scanned them in my 'all in one printer' then inverted the image with photoshop, I just saved myself $10. The images aren't as sharp scanning them this way, but good enough for this blog.

Here are the 120 film negatives. You can see there is a size difference in comparison to regular 35mm film (pictured above).
this is a Double Exposure of the Haleiwa Bridge and Serra's I think.
this is a pinhole picture of chris and oli lying down at a park, and I think its a double exposure with a tree too. That fuzzy black stringy stuff on the borders is actually "Velcro". I lined the edge of my film frame with velcro in hopes that it would create a cool blurry / soft edge effect on the photos. but it didnt. It just made all my pictures have pubic hair on them.
"Matsumoto's Shave Ice"
"Haleiwa Bridge"
2 frame panoramic
Danielle from a "Ground Up Agency" shoot
Chad and Shane are ducks
Ping Pong Shades
double exposure of Bella and life saver
"Life Saver"