30 seconds at a time.

Tuesday night I was shooting the Oahu Wedding Association Holiday Party. It was a swell good time at the mid-pac country club in Kailua. Anyway, when I was leaving the country club, I figured I would document my journey home 30 seconds at a time. I wanted to take long exposures, each 30 seconds long, of anything I found interesting between Kailua and my house. This be that.

This is the mid-pac country club during 30 seconds of the night. It was windy (check trees and flag pole), the sprinklers were on, and a car drove by.
This is behind the country club. This was at 10pm, 30 second exposure. The light in the sky coming from behind the mountain range is NOT sunlight... it's actually the city lights from Honolulu!
Lanikai (30 second exposure, but you cant really tell)
Realize you have the white balance wrong, and all of a sudden you're taking pictures on Mars. this point, it was getting late and I didnt want to keep pulling my car off of the road to take pictures. So I decided I'll just take 30 second exposures from inside my car, while i'm driving (it's totally safe.) "But John..." you say, "anyone can do that, that's lazy photography.." And to that I say, "you are right, but it's fun to try and decipher the images you take".

I call this one "Shoot the signal Flare, we are under attack!"
this one is "The Rising Sun" (especially in thumbnail size)

..this one looks like "I put my camera on my dashboard and took a 30 second exposure of something, then made it black and white... and then I couldnt name the picture". yeah, thats it.
"The Great Luxor Pyramid"
"Chasing a jellyfish"
"V- hicle" ( get it!! theres a "V", and then there's a car )
"Aurora Borealis"
"Torch the city"
"Making A Puddle of Light"
"Here, you name this one"

and this is what I look like driving home. "88 mph! I'm gonna go save the future!"