Kingsley goes to the Vet.

Friday night, our dog Kingsley started spazzing out. He started to yelp and cry real loud if we tried to pet his back. He also had a really hard time trying to go to the bathroom. So we figured we would take him to the vet to see what was wrong with him. I was thinking he was really constipated or must of ate something weird, like maybe he accidentally ate my homework or something. Anyway, we got him X-rayed at the Vet to see what was up. Turns out he has a "back ache", comparable to something like when a human has a slipped disc in there back. I'm glad it wasnt something too crazy. It cost us $300 to get him X-rayed and for all the medications and stuff, crazy!! That dog is really lucky that we love him, that cost us almost as much as buying a new dog.
Sitting in the vet's waiting room for 4 hours, we got to see a lot of animals come in for there appointments. We saw a cool British Bulldog that had tiger striped fur, he was the size of a mini fridge... awesome. We saw a cat with a dislocated jaw. We saw some beautiful dogs. And on one unfortunate note, we saw a lady go into the Vet's office with a cat carrier, then she came out of the office an hour later with tears in her eyes and an empty cat carrier.
It really does feel like you are waiting for your child to come out of surgery or something when you are waiting to hear back from the doctors. I realized I really do love this black haired rat that could be used as a scarf, we call Kingsley.

They gave us a bunch of medicine to give King's while he heals himself. The medications make him super "loopy", it's really funny to watch him fade out.
Her are his 3 meds he takes, one of them being Diazepam (No, I will not sell you some) he is after he started to feel the effects..
"Get Faded Dude!!!''