Family Fun / V-dubs and Gardens

Last week, we spent a family day at the botanical gardens by chinatown. It was a great day, all though it was hot, to walk around and spend some quality time with nature and the fam bam. On the way out, we stopped for lunch in pearl city, while we were in pearl city we happen to come across the "Bugs at the Park" car show. At the car show, I saw a handful of amazing VW's, please keep in mind that my favorite automobile EVER is the VW Vanagon. Good times.

Here is the VW car show.

21 windows
Interior! (Bella really wants a VW Bus now!!... who can blame her?)

a classic red & white
Camper interior

Aloha Bug

So after fantasizing about owning our dream car, we continued on to the Botanical Gardens. Bella was in a good mood which was awesome, sometimes she doesnt like taking pictures. Anyway, I brought my tripod so we could do some family pictures with the whole family, with me in them.

a new look for Bella. "She-wolf"
Skinny lady on a big tree

Awesome Child

"Throw 'em in the air!"

Sam can take some good pictures too!
Matching stripes

a touch of heaven

My favorite girls in the entire universe

trek on

Family on a bench


Some scenery around the gardens... took me a little too long to realize that this wasnt a sleeve for my penis.

....and I think this tree gave me Genital Warts. Thanks.