Surfing in a Suit

I had the extreme pleasure of being the subject in one of my friends' photo shoots. Marina Miller, photographer extraordinaire, wanted to do a "formal" portrait session with her new underwater housing. Her original idea is to get a "bride" surfing, but I figured i'd volunteer to be the "dude in a suit" if she needed.
She hit me up, and we planned a quick photo session in no time. I was super stoked to be the 'model' for her, its one of the very few times that I get to be in front of the camera instead of being behind it.
We went surfing in Waikiki, a classic spot, and I think everything came out awesome.

Surfing in a full suit (without shoes) is pretty hard!! The soggy suit weighed about 10 lbs, a pretty dangerous accessory for surfing without a leash. A lot of the people surfing were very curious to know what the heck I was doing... I got a few jokes out there... "Ho brah, you going to a Board Meeting?!"... "You on break from work?"... ad one guy asked me, "Is that a wetsuit?", and I replied "Yes, it is a wet suit!.. but it's not a wetsuit".
Fun stuff.

Check the rest of the pictures on Marina's awesome blog: