to the Fair

Hey folks,
We went to the "Family fun fair" that was at LCC this past weekend. It was pretty cool, it was actually kind of weird to be at LCC again. Me and Sam took Bella and her cousins to the fair, there was some shave ice, bubbles, a cockroach race, and some paper hats.

The first thing I wanted to do as soon as I got to LCC, was to check if they still had that payphone by the library, the one that you could make free phone calls from. (This was back in the day when everyone had pagers.)
Nope, they either replaced the phone, or fixed it. There used to be a big hole in the mouth piece where you could stick a paper clip into and hi-jack your free phone call. Oh well.
Sam, Bella, Bronson, Kanani, Leiana, and our neighbor Celeste.
Some of the stuff Bella thought was cool, like standing in a big bubble.

..and making a big bubble!

I think Celeste is Bella's best friend right now. She's a 9 year old kid that lives in a neighboring apartment downstairs. They play together everyday
on the spinny ride

Bronson... "I'm getting too old for this"

Nascar racing on a very small scale
Bella made a sweet hat. She wore it for about 6 minutes, then she got tired of it and I got to wear it all day.
newspaper ladies
Dead butterflies in a case are always cool
This was my favorite part, a cockroach race!! I was really shouting at the cockroaches like it was the Kentucky Derby or something.

Shave Ice

We did learn some interesting facts while we were at the fair. Check out how much sugar there is in these items.. (by oz. weight). Crazy Snickers.
...and in these drinks, I had no Idea Arizona Tea had that much sugar!! No wonder it tastes so good.

okay. thats that