Road Trip memories. click to enlarge the memories

I was looking at my own blog today. I went through all of it, remembering what kind of crap I did this year (so far). One of the most definite awesome highlights from this year was the USA roadtrip we took in the spring. I copied some of the images from each spot we stopped in and reposted them here. I absolutely loved this trip!! It was me, sam, bella, our friend erin, and sam's brother, mom, and grandma, all packed into a minivan for a 4,000 mile trip. Dare I say, it may of been one of the best times in my life?... I do say yes.

We flew to San Fransisco, then drove through Yosemite, Grand canyon, new mexico, texas, georgia, then down to orlando, then flew back from Georgia. We experienced temperature changes everywhere between 39 degrees and 93 degrees in a little more than 3 weeks time. If you want to see all the details from this amazing trip, look back through my old posts in May 2009.

Here's some highlights.
road atlas... all though we used a GPS most of the time, but this really did come in handy
First stop San fransisco, to visit my sister Jess. This is Golden Gate Park I think. Cold weather, and bum's pretty much sums up san fran.
across the bridge in Muir Woods.
best violinist in the bay
Haight and Ashbury

Next stop, Yosemite national park... 3 hour drive from Oakland.

Jumping Family

the coldest spot on our trip.

Driving from Yosemite to Las Vegas.
we stayed at the Excalibur, Bella loved it.

take in the view folks... take it all in.

Leaving Las Vegas. Hoover Dam
route 66

Grandy Canyon

open road, blue skies. Heading down through Arizona and New Mexico.
"Rock Hearts Train"


Roswell, New Mexicans
6 door sedan in Roswell. UFO. Unidentified Foolish Object.
$150 speeding ticket.

Carlsbad Caverns

Texas. Stayed a while in Texas with our long lost friend Shelby. Great times for Bella and Vander.
rode this bull till it died.

bumper boat war

left Texas, drove over the Mississippi River, headed to Georgia.
Circus in Georgia.
San Fransisco to Augusta Georgia = 3,382 miles
Quality time with my father in Georgia.

Left Georgia for a week to go down to Florida. Went to Disneyworld (3 times), Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios twice.
Mickey and Minnie love The Hooks.

check these videos of the "Sheikra" rollercoaster!! (Busch Gardens)

yeah there. I'm gonna go look at the old post's from May again. Best Family trip ever, you should definitely quit your job and do it too.