Friday ''Black Party'' at Apt. 3

Friday night, I met up with Cameron at "Apt. 3" in waikiki. It was a "Black Party" which meant you had to wear all black to get in. I was gonna wear my full body wetsuit, but realized I didnt have a place to put my car keys. It was cool, I took 3 pictures, ha.

Thanks Kala and Cameron for buying be some Stella. When Kala dropped my drink off in this glass, I forgot what I ordered... "Did I order pimp juice??..." my Stella glass looked like it should of had rhinestones encrusted on it.
Anyway, another picture of my feet. I outdid cameron by wearing all black pants, but he did me one better and wore all black shoes.
I believe Apartm3nt is going to have an "all white" party next, so I'm assuming Cameron is just going to show up naked.