Animal cruelty can be Hilarious (sometimes)

So, some people call it "Creative Grooming", some people say "animal cruelty"... I just say it's "Awesome". I mean seriously, this is hilarious stuff. If the dyes are safe and dont do harm to the animals, then I'm all for it. Not only am I ''all for it''... I wanna make me one of these fuckin' "Panda Dogs"... haha.

Here are some photos I got from the web of my new current obsession.
Dragon Poodle?! c'mon what more do you need for greatness?!
This is what i'm talking about right here!
A freakin' Horse on a dog!!.. the best of both worlds
Too Glam for school
Olympic pride. perfect, why would anyone ever wanna bomb America?
I'll let the picture and the pride of the owner speak for themselves...
yeah, cute no matter how you look at it.
Phoenix rising (in my pants)
and, "Hahahahaha" (LOL)

This made me laugh so hard, and make me say "I want that!!!', all at the same time.

paw paw power.