Taking the Dawgs to da beach (brah)

We took the dogs to the beach. The full family of 5 was out an about. We went for a late afternoon session, after Bella got out of school on monday. It was cool. It was the first time our new pup, Cosmo, has been to the beach. Actually, I think Kingsley has only been to the beach like 3 times. We usually keep the dogs locked up in a cupboard or in the microwave. That way they don't mess up the house. It was cool.

Bella tried to hold Kingsley down on the car ride there. That dog loves to scratch your legs while you're trying to drive. I dont know why he had to be rude and stick his tongue out for this picture.
The beach looked kind of gloomy when we first showed up. There was some heavy cloud cover, and the water looked murky.
But lucky for us, we got a break (and a rainbow) for the 90 minutes we were there.
This is right before Kingsley thought it would be cool to pee on our beach bag.
Yes, we have small dogs. I mean, it's cool to have small dogs right? They fit well into our small apartment, they take little poops, they fit onto our small bed, and they go so far when you punt them. They also look like crazy rats running on the beach.
git bella

Kingsley Hasslehoff

body surfing the shorebreak
... "I'm fuckin' drowning here, help!"

Cosmo Hasslehoff
"Don't take a picture, give me a towel you asshole"

He tried to make pretend he didnt like the water, but I knew that he really meant "Throw me in again!!!!"

Yeah that was most of the day. Time to head home and eat some yummy human food.

....and don't even tell me I made a video with my dogs!! Oh yes sir. This should be boring to most of you.

Paw paw power