I got discovered

I was driving in chinatown today, and they had a pretty big production going on in one of the streets. I dont know if they were filming "Lost" or some other movie or something, I didnt see any actors, but it looked like a pretty big production.

for about a hot minute I was daydreaming that some Producer would see me driving in my car and "discover" me!

It went something like this in my head;
"Hey look at that guy right there, the one driving that Jetta"~ the producer said to his assistant.
... I turned my head, "Who me?"
"You should be in our movie!! You are going to be fucking rich and will be able to buy all your friends and family everything they ever wanted!"~ said the Producer.
"No shit?", I said.
"You're dreams have just come true, now go park your car and sign these contracts"~said the producer.

something like that.