Field Trip to Lyon Arboretum. Manoa

This morning I got to be a chaperone on one of Bella's Field Trips. This one was to the Lyon Arboretum, a nature hike thingy, next to Manoa falls by the old Paradise Park. It was pretty cool, I dont know if I would actually taken bella to see that stuff by ourselves, nothing too fancy. It was really cool though to hang out with Bella's classmates and get to know them better. Fun day.
Best quote of the day;
"Can anyone tell me what a rainforest is?" said the guide.
"....It's probably just like, i dunno, a forest that rains a lot" said Jazmyn, 6 yrs. old. Haha.

Get on the bus... a long bumpy ride in traffic to Manoa from Mililani
We got assigned the seat on the bus with the "wheel bump"... I used to love this seat as a kid, because it was like a foot rest. But now, being 6 feet tall, it was quite uncomfortable, my knees were bent up all the way to the next seat in front of me.
...the wheels on the bus...
At the arboretum, the kids played fun games like matching colors of plants, and exploring seeds and roots and stuff.
Tadpole hunt
Toad hunt... "no kissing please"
purty flowers
hike/ walk
get in the 'rainforest'
top of the hike
dominick there with his hood over his head... the mosquito's have taken over his ears and neck. ouch.
"I love Hawaii"
I found a tree penis. I made sure I pointed it out real loudly to all the kids.. "OMG, kids look, it looks like a ding dong!!!" (laughter ensues) j/k
"Duck, duck, goose" to pass the time before lunch.
Bella got 'goosed', then ran in a circle and slipped in the mud. Can anybody say 'sue job?' :)
I think these were Christmas trees, I dunno, I wasnt paying attention.
see this boy (pictured on the left) next to bella ? I used to be friends with his dad, Brian, like 12 years ago. He is a very fun kid.

They were filming "Lost" somewhere around Manoa falls. They are really trying to hunt me down so they can put me in the t.v. show. No, that wasnt me sneaking into the star trailers leaving love letters.


later kiddies.